Product Description

A bell-mouth is a bell-shaped extension at the end of a pipe.

A bell-mouth may also be referred to as a suction bell-mouth. A bell-mouth may be used in gas or liquid applications and is typically placed on the inlet. When placed on the outlet they may be referred to as a diffuser. Bell-mouths are commonly incorporated into a pulsation dampener or anti-surge tank design which contain one or more choke-tubes. The bell-mouth configuration reduces entrance pressure losses as the gas or liquid enters into the pipe in which the bell-mouth is attached. This is accomplished because the shape of the bell-mouth results in a low resistance coefficient which is also called the K factor. The K factor is one of the variables used in determining entrance and exit pressure drops.


  • Gas Compressor Protection (Reciprocating)
  • Pulsation Dampener
  • Air/Gas/Water Intake
  • Suction Bellmouth
  • Anti-surge Tank

Product Specifications

  • The standard bell-mouth material is carbon steel. Other materials are available upon request.
  • The nominal pipe size of the bell-mouth is made from Sch Std wall pipe. Other pipe schedules are available upon request.
Bell-mouth may be identified by many different names:

Bell Mouth, Bellmouth, Suction Bell-Mouth, Suction Bell Mouth, Suction Bellmouth, Short Radius Bell-Mouth, Short Radius Bell Mouth, Short Radius Bellmouth, Standard Radius Bell-Mouth, Standard Radius Bell Mouth, Standard Radius Bellmouth, Small Radius Bell-Mouth, Small Radius Bell Mouth, Small Radius Bellmouth, API-618 Bell-Mouth, API-618 Bell Mouth, API-618 Bellmouth, Pulsation Dampener Bell-Mouth, Pulsation Dampener Bell Mouth, Pulsation Dampener Bellmouth, Anti-Surge Tank Bell-Mouth, Anti-Surge Tank, Bell Mouth, Anti-Surge Tank Bellmouth, Diffuser, Inlet Diffuser, Resistance coefficient inlet, Resistance coefficient pipe entrance, Head loss inlet, Head loss pipe entrance.

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