About TM Filtration

TM Industrial Supply, Inc was established in 1976. It's original focus was as a manufacturer of separators, receivers, pulsation dampening bottles, and knockout pots for the air and gas markets.
In 1986, the Fluid Engineering division of TM Industrial Supply, Inc. was established to design and manufacture specialized strainers used in the power generation, utility, wastewater, and water treatment markets. It's products include automatic self-cleaning strainers, simplex strainers, duplex strainers, and Y strainers.
In 1996 the Envirovision Modular Systems (EMS) division of TM Industrial Supply, Inc. was created to focus on water purification. It's products include cascading strainers, bag filters, sand filtration systems, and ozone disinfection packages. These products are still available today through the Fluid Engineering division.
In 2009, the TM Filtration division of TM Industrial Supply, Inc. was established with a focus on TM’s newly patented GFC cleanable coalescing technology in the compressed air and compressed gas filtration markets.
About Us

TM Filtration is a division of TM industrial Supply, Inc. It’s manufacturing facility and headquarters are located in Erie, Pennsylvania

Although TM Filtration has a standard offering of products, a majority of the filters are custom designed to fit each unique application. This enables us to satisfy customer requirements while not compromising product quality or performance.

Commitment and dedication to the Company’s strategic plan has enabled it to experience stability and growth since its inception. As a result, the Company has experienced an increase in both domestic and international sales. Today, the Company continues to expand its market as its innovative products gain worldwide exposure. TM Industrial Supply, Inc. currently holds ten US patents, three international patents, five registered trademarks, and has six additional patents pending.