TEE Strainers Fabricate Model 324

Product Description

The Tee Strainer is fabricated with the customer´s requirements in mind. The standard line, style 304 and 324, ranges from 2″ through 24″ pipe sizes in carbon steel with a 5/32″ perforated element.

Product Specifications

  • In line connections
  • Compact, light weight fabricated vessels
  • Wedge basket design with a low pressure drop
  • Heavy duty wedge basket design for a long life
  • Butt weld or flange connections
  • Bolted flange closure
  • 304 stainless steel wedge basket
  • Optional Features

  • Other materials of construction are Available
  • Large sizes have high pressure ratings
  • Quick opening closures
  • Closure davit lifts
  • Mounting legs for large tees
  • ASME code stamp
  • Pressure differential gauge taps

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