High Pressure Conical Gas Strainers

Product Description

Extended Duty – Reverse Flow Conical Strainers for Compressed Gas Applications with High Solid Loading potential

The CRL-HP is ideal for long term particulate protection of gas production and distribution systems that have the potential for high solid loading.

Our robust design of the CRL-HP allows the unit to withstand differential pressures of up to 75 PSID.

These strainers are installed by sandwiching it between two flanges in a removable section of pipe, such as a spool piece.

The differential pressure across this strainer should be monitored to indicate when the strainer should be removed from the system and cleaned.

Product Specifications

  • Extended protection of Natural or Shale Gas process equipment
  • Filtration

  • Wire mesh available in a multitude of options. Please contact the factory for more information.
  • Materials of Construction

  • 316 Stainless Steel is standard. Please consult the factory for other material options

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