Gas Separators

Product Description

For applications requiring increased separation efficiency over a Knock-out pot, or when the flow stream contains liquid aerosol mist, TM Filtration’s gas separators are used. The gas separator differs from a KOP by incorporating a second stage separation device such as a mesh pad or vane separator.

Mesh Pad

A Mesh Pad is a knitted wire pad similar in appearance to steel wool. The mist laden gas stream passes through mesh pad and deposits mist particles on the wire surfaces. The mist particles coalesce into larger droplets which drop to the vessel bottom due to gravity.

Vane Seperator

For applications with high viscous liquids, foams, or liquids or particulate that would clog a mesh pad, a vane separator is used. Vane separators are configured with a labyrinth form to force the gas stream to change direction a number of times as the gas passes through the vane pack. As the gas changes direction mist particles impact on the surface of the vanes. The vane edges are fitted with hooks to collect separated moisture and facilitate liquid drainage.

Product Specifications

  • Vertical or horizontal orientation
Notes:Body material, connections,...

Related Products

Knockout Pot / Mist Eliminator

Knock-out Pots also called Knock-out Drums or Flash Drum, are designed to remove bulk liquids and particles from gas streams based on gravitational separation at optimum vapor velocity. The process stream enters the KOP and contacts a deflector to generate a radial flow pattern causing centrifugal separation.

Pulse Dampener

A Pulsation Dampener is a device used to reduce or eliminate pressure and flow modulations in a piping system which are produced by reciprocating pumps or compressors.

Storage Receiver

TM Filtration offers a variety of air/gas receivers and vessels. All vessels are in accordance with ASME Section VIII, Division 1 where “U” stamp is available. TM can also create custom air/gas receivers to fit your needs.