New Gas Challenges

TM Filtration’s innovative products are ideally suited to effectively filter out contaminates and extract entrained NGL’s through the use of their patented GFM Technology®.

One of the challenges associated with new gas, from unconventional sources, is achieving efficient filtration. In the past, most natural gas was conventional, consisting primarily of methane and containing little to no Natural Gas Liquids (NGL’s). This “dry” conventional gas was harvested from highly permeable reservoirs where extraction was comparatively easier as the gas flowed freely from shallow wells. Likewise, conventional gas filtration was straight forward and required no special consideration.

Today, as drilling technology and geologic knowledge enables greater access to unconventional natural gas deposits, the new gas is much wetter. The extracted gas now contains an increasingly higher percentage of contaminants and NGLs. Recognizing this new reality, TM Filtration is dedicated to introducing innovative solutions and technology to help our customers meet these “New Gas” challenges.

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