Fuel Gas Conditioning Packages

TM Filtration can integrate its standard product technologies into a standalone Fuel Gas Conditioning Package. The Fuel Gas Conditioning Package is designed to take fuel gas from a supply source and “condition” it to meet the fuel gas criteria established by the engine or turbine manufacturer. Conditioning focuses on two major attributes of the fuel gas, contaminates and heat value.

A properly designed Fuel Gas Conditioning Package will eliminate the detrimental contaminates, both particulate and liquid aerosols. Liquid contaminates collected in a drains tank and can be drained automatically. The package will also provide the necessary super heat to insure turbine or engine performance and to mitigate the Joules Thompson effect of pressure regulation. Additionally, fuel gas pressure control and metering can also be incorporated into the Fuel Gas Conditioning Package.

Based on the flexibility of TM Filtration’s standard components, a variety of system configurations can be achieved to match specific application needs.